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Yosemite Can O Peaches

Jul 19, 2018

Kevin Jorgeson spent his 16th birthday in Yosemite Valley trying to master the Midnight Lightning. He was not successful on that day but returned for his 17th birthday to achieve that goal and has never looked back.  For the fifth Yosemite Can O Peaches episode of Season Two, John DeGrazio interviews accomplished Yosemite rock climber and boulderer, Kevin Jorgeson.

Kevin recalls his memorable journeys through Yosemite from the higher cliffs in this interview from Yosemite Valley. He describes waking up in a portaledge as having an opportunity for coffee with a great view.   

With the wall as a canvas, Kevin also articulates similarities between rock climbing and dance choreography. Jorgeson shares more intimate details of the January 2015 Dawn Wall first free ascent with Tommy Caldwell along with some of the results that have changed his life forever. He also recounts the struggles on the 15th pitch of the Dawn Wall and how it has helped him become a better leader on his current project. Join us for this memorable episode.